Breath of Life -Embodying the Divine with Conscious Breathwork

Shakti Tracy (Diamond Heart Network) will be holding a FREE ONLINE Conscious Breathwork Workshop with Diamond Energy Healing, via Zoom, on Saturday 16th May, 7pm - 9pm (UK time - GMT+1)

In this session we will be focusing on embodying the energy of Shakti (the Divine Feminine). The collective intention of this session is the healing of past hurts and the connection to the feminine (both men and women hold this polarity). This is a pathway to reconnect to Earth and Universal energies, reclaim true power and move forward from the cycle of hurt and blame, to a life filled with joy, love and freedom. The session is open to both men and women who feel they would benefit from this work.

Conscious Breathwork is a powerful rapid breathing technique that creates an altered state of consciousness where deep healing, release and visioning can be achieved. During the session you may experience feelings of bliss, laughter and joy. It can also be a very cathartic technique where trapped emotions, and patterns come to the surface to be released. Conscious Breathwork can help with conditions such as anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and healing of past trauma. It is a transformative process that can change our entire reality.

This is a friendly and welcoming space open to complete beginners and people with prior experience.

Breath of Life -Online Workshop

Please Read Before Signing up -

By taking part in this online workshop you are agreeing to take care of your needs following the workshop. There will be a temporary Facebook group following the session for support, but please be aware that this form of Breathwork can cause emotional release and this rebalancing may continue for a few days following the session. Please check in with yourself to see whether you feel it is right for you to be doing this work at the moment.

  • Conscious Breathwork is NOT SUITABLE for adults with heart conditions, a history of psychosis, epilepsy or during pregnancy.

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    Shakti Tracy

    Who Am I?

    Shakti Tracy is the founder of Diamond Heart Network. She creates magical spaces for deep healing, spiritual exploration, and connection to self and others. Shakti Tracy is a Conscious Breathwork Facilitator and Shamanic Practitioner. She helps people to have transformative experiences that can help to heal past trauma, enabling a life of freedom and that is filled with joy.

    What Happens During the Workshop?

    • Short Meditation
    • Introduction to Conscious Breathwork
    • Shamanic Journey
    • 1hr of Conscious Breathwork with group Diamond Energy Healing
    • 15 mins of Vocal Toning and Silence