This FREE video mini-course is designed to transform your relationships with money through meeting money in different forms and exploring how you can improve your relationship together,

In the 4 x 10mins drum journeys, you will be guided to meet -

  • Money as a Lover - In this journey, you’ll explore money as A source of pleasure.
  • Money as a Father – In this journey, you explore how money meets your basic Security needs.
  • Money as a Mother – In this journey, you’ll explore your relationship with money As a source of nurturing and how it can be used for the benefit of All.
  • Money as a God – In this journey, you’ll let go of false attachment to money and meet money at its highest vibrational power. This will enable you to connect to money as a sacred, creative source of power.

Transforming your relationship with money can give you the power to transform your relationship with all of life. it can open you to receive and hold more of all that life can offer and give you more power to create the life of your dreams.

With much love, Shakti Tracy x

NOTE - this mini-course is suitable for all levels of experience, but it is helpful to have a sense of adventure; and to go into the journeys with the Wonder of a child. HAVE FUN!!

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